Laser Services

In 2020, Dr Campbell established Melbourne Vascular Laser (MVL), a dedicated cosmetic laser service for vascular and pigmented lesions using the leading excel® V+.  MVL is located in Dr Campbell’s Epworth Rooms.

Dr. Campbell began using laser for cutaneous vascular and pigmented lesions in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

At that time the lasers were limited in their ability to finish the treatment on patients who had lower limb venous disease.

The lasers were certainly good for treating vascular and pigmented lesions on the face to some degree but they have improved over time.

Dr Campbell has recently added the Cutera excel® V+ laser to his therapeutic tools and is now treating vascular and pigmented lesions on the face and body and legs.

Cutera excel® V+



Melbourne Vascular Laser Services have been developed as an extension of Melbourne Vascular original services, with the improvement in vascular lasers for cutaneous lesions.

The natural progression for treating fine red and blue veins on the legs is to add the use of the Cutera excel® V+ laser system.

Treatment & Outcomes

This system is providing excellent outcomes in treating many vascular and pigmented lesions not only on the legs but also on the face and body.

The treatment itself uses a cooling system that reduces any associated pain during treatment and leads to minimal post-procedural downtime.

An additional bonus is the system also includes the possibility of a cosmetic facial boost using genesis.

This laser application creates increased collagen production in the skin to leave a plump shiny healthy facial appearance.

There is zero downtime after genesis. In fact, some people have a treatment boost just before a big event such as a wedding to look their best.

Treatment & Outcomes

4 Days Post 1 x Cutera Coolview Treatment of Bruising

4 days post 1 coolview treatment of bruising

4 Months Post Cutera Coolview Treatment of Rosacea

3 coolview treatments of rosacea

4 Months Post Sclerotherapy Injections and Cutera Coolview Treatments

4 months post 1 treatment of sclerotherapy injections and 3 coolview treatments

3 Months Post Cutera Coolview Treatment of Blue Facial Vein and Nasal Veins (telangiectasia)

“Past history, leg crushed in an industrial accident many years ago. 3 months post treatment for redness. Now time to focus on reducing brown pigmentation.”

Pre and Post Instructions (downloadable)

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